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In Memoriam, Henry Allan Lowe

September 26, 1932 – September 27, 2022

Allan, you were determined to reach the age of 90 and you did. We were also so fortunate to celebrate 67 years of marriage.

You were a hard worker and dedicated family man. Family was very important to you and you liked to keep in touch, whether near or far. We enjoyed trips to the West Coast, the Maritimes including Newfoundland, Florida, Hawaii, and one to West Virginia for a family reunion.

When we married you worked for Burt Cooper and then in 1957 started with Maclelland Construction as they built the harbour bridge here. You were with the company for 20 years until it closed, making good friends there who, with their wives, became part of our close circle. Arnott Construction was next, with 20-some years. These jobs took you all over Ontario until you finally retired. So many stories.

Through the years you earned licences for Welding, Automotive Service Technician, Truck & Coach Technician, and Hoisting Engineer. You still found time to figure ways of improving things and inventing others, like the teeter totter you built for the kids. It not only went up and down, it went round and round to the joy of all the neighbourhood kids and the horror of us moms! We miss the happy smile when the kids came home, or the grin when you told a joke or pulled a fast one on somebody, the stories, the teasing, the hugs, especially the hugs. We miss you. We love you. Forever.

Marg, your girls Pat, Sandra, Jan, and Barb

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