Sunday, April 18, 2021

In Defense of ‘Climate Deniers’


In his letter of March 9, Bruce Mason, with reference climate change, said, in part:
“I usually find a way to tell deniers that they are too stupid to be in the room when the adults are talking…”

Mr. Mason’s style and language reflects that of those who use the arrogant, dismissive term ‘climate deniers’.

There are many well qualified, experienced scientists, geologists, geophysicists around the world who take different view. They provide a compelling case disputing the claim that natural climate drivers are now less important than our emissions of CO2. They tell us there is no urgent CO2-emissions crisis. They argue that it is simply not possible for mathematical-modelling and computation to predict climate change. They refer to the full historical record to put sea level, current extreme weather events, and forest fires into rigorous statistical perspective.

Mr. Mason would presumably include me to be amongst the ‘stupid’. I have three Engineering Degrees, had a career in R and D including a fundamental grasp of the behaviour of non-linear coupled dynamic systems, and have read widely.

I would counter that Mr. Mason and the rest of the arrogant mob that believes we can control the Earth’s climate, are ‘real-science’ Deniers.

Ron Hartlen, Clarksburg

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