Monday, June 24, 2024

Hydrogen Power is Needed


I’m just reading Ontario Pumped Storage: Just the facts sheet. (Number 6) They seem proud of the ‘fact’ that the storage facility they intend to dig will create 1000 MW of energy and saying Ontario may need another 5000 to 15000 MW by 2035. Where would they build between 4 and 14 more Pumped storage facilities around the Great Lakes?

How long will these pumped storage facilities last before the turbines start to rust.

Mind, you’d need 20 wind turbines placed around to produce that 1000 MW, and where would we throw those when they are not able to produce electricity any more.

But then where to throw electric car batteries?

Are we going in the right direction is the question. Hydrogen power is needed before we clutter the environment more.

David Schram Meaford


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