Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Golfers Donate to Meaford Hospital

On Thursday, October 19, 27 golfers from Scenic City and Meaford courses enjoyed their season’s closing dinner at the Meaford Curling Club. The Scenic City golfers played on Monday and either Wednesday or Thursday, totalling 46 rounds over the season. The Meaford golfers met on Thursday mornings.

Gifts were presented to Marge Allin for organizing this event and the games played at Scenic.

Both groups of women enjoyed the historic stories of the Meaford Ladies’ Golf Club started in 1957 and featured in the scrapbooks collected by Cathy Seidle.

Since the Meaford Ladies’ 18 Hole Golf League has now become an informal social group, no longer a competitive league, their funds of $2,500 are being donated to the Meaford Hospital.

Both groups will welcome new members in the spring.

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