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Get to Know the BGOS NDP Candidate, Christopher Neudorf

Born in 1991 in Mississauga, Christopher Neudorf moved to St. Catharines to complete his Bachelor of History (Honours) and Bachelor of Education (Honours) at Brock University. He moved to South Bruce Peninsula in 2016 and is currently living in Owen Sound.

Neudorf spent many of his childhood summers in South Bruce Peninsula. Over the course of these summers, Christopher fell in love with the area. In the summer of 2014, he was a camp counsellor at the Bruce County Museum. The following year, he took on summer camp programming for the Owen Sound branch of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, working with special needs children in the Grey-Bruce region.

He was hired as a teacher by the Bluewater District School Board in 2017. Throughout his teaching career, Neudorf has worked with students from many diverse backgrounds in both Bruce and Grey Counties. This sparked his interest in the rich culture and history of the region. Neudorf is passionate about history. He has been involved in re-enactments of major historical events and volunteered his time at museums in historical clothing, educating visitors about the history of Canada.

His teaching and volunteering have cemented his belief that communities like Bruce-Grey deserve a government that will help working people and small businesses grow and develop. Christopher also firmly believes that our youth need greater support both in and outside of the classroom. He believes that a society can only be judged by the kindness and dignity with which it treats its most vulnerable.

The candidate says that there are three major issues in this campaign… climate, wealth inequality, public health care.

The Climate Crisis is upon us

As Neudorf points out, “The climate crisis is rapidly approaching a point of no return. However, if we invest in green energy technology, we can make this crisis an opportunity. We can use green energy production to create tens of thousands of manufacturing and energy sector jobs for Canadians. The Liberals started off by promising environment protection first. Now they’re saying the only way to save the environment is to build a pipeline that will help destroy it. And the Conservative climate policy will only see our emissions (now one of the highest per capita in the world) go up.”

Economic Inequality is not affordable

One of the best ways to level the economic playing field, the research tells us, is to tax wealth and distribute money in targeted programs, like day care, pharmacare, and dental care.

As Neudorf says, “Over 60% of Canadians believe that the tax system today is unfair and 82% of Canadians support a wealth tax for the wealthy few who have made billions in this pandemic. The people of Canada demanded it, but only the NDP voted for it. Who do the Liberals and Conservatives represent? Canadians who demand a fair taxation system, or the wealthy elite? Who do they expect to pay for the pandemic – the wealthy elite who profited from it, or working Canadians who suffered through it?”

The Health Care System works best when it’s kept public

Neudorf knows that the health care system doesn’t work when it’s left in the hands of the private sector. From our experience with the pandemic, we know the for-profit corporate model leads to poorer care and more deaths. The NDP will root the profit motive out of long term care. However, we must prepare for future pandemics and here the private sector can help.

This pandemic has taught us that we cannot rely solely on foreign manufacturing for our goods. The critical shortages of PPE and vaccines have made it clear that we need to bring manufacturing back to Canada. We will invest in manufacturing jobs to make Canada more self-reliant and give working Canadians more opportunities.”

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