Sunday, June 16, 2024

Game Changers, Interactive Video Game Exhibit, Opens at Grey Roots Museum & Archives

Get in the game and discover how innovation has shaped the video game industry. On now at Grey Roots Museum & Archives, Game Changers takes you on a fascinating journey, exploring the past and uncovering the future of gaming. Game Changers has been developed and produced by the Canada Science and Technology Museum and its tour of North America is managed by Science North.

Game Changers examines how the intersection of audio, storytelling, graphics, and gameplay creates the immersive environment of current video gaming systems. Live the video game evolution, from classics like Pong and Pac-Man, to the photorealistic immersive games of today. Take control of a supersized Nintendo controller, play Tetris on a giant Game Boy, even challenge your friends at Guitar Hero.

Discover original concept art, storyboards, level designs, and scripts of some of the most influential games ever developed and listen to experts from the industry explain how they develop the games you love.

“We’ve got an arcade at Grey Roots!” said Museum Manager Jill Paterson. “Game Changers offers lots to learn and lots to play. We’re looking forward to seeing some intergenerational Guitar Hero battles this summer.”

Test your skills with 16 games that have shaped video game history, including Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Angry Birds, and Space Invaders. Experiment with augmented reality and examine upcoming video game trends while imagining what gaming will look like in the future.

Visitors can also tour Grey Roots’ new permanent exhibit, Abundance, which explores Grey County’s landscape using artefacts, photographs, and archival records relating to the themes of Forest, Agriculture, and Water. Learn more about Abundance at

Game Changers will be available seven days a week until September 5. Find out more at

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