Thursday, February 22, 2024

Expressive Arts Trauma Therapy Group Starting in Collingwood

Fifth Street Creative Initiatives Charity in partnership with Blue Oaks Counselling and Wellness are introducing an upcoming Expressive Art Trauma Therapy Group program. The program will start Wednesday, October 25, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Blue Oaks clinic in Collingwood. It will run six weeks, once a week, on Wednesdays.

Creative Journeys benefits individuals dealing with trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges. The program is a great opportunity for people to learn about the impact of trauma, develop healthy coping strategies, and begin to process traumatic experiences through art in a small group setting. Creative Journeys involves the collaboration of both a trained therapist and an artist. The therapist and artist offer support, guidance, and interpretation of the artwork, helping participants gain insight, process emotions, and develop coping skills. The program fosters creativity, encourages self-reflection, and provides a non-judgmental space for exploration and healing.

As a charity-run program, 5th Street can include subsidized fees to make it accessible for individuals who may not have the financial means to afford traditional therapy. The charity organization relies on fundraising events, donations, grants, and sponsorship to support the program and ensure its continuation.

The Expressive Arts Therapy program provides a unique and holistic approach to therapy that harnesses the power of art to promote emotional well-being, personal growth, and healing.

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