Sunday, June 16, 2024

Concern About Twenty-Somethings

Dear Editor,

I have been talking to ’20 somethings’, and they had never heard the song ‘Snowbird’. They have not seen Danny Kaye. It occurs to me that they have never seen the show Prairie Giant, therefore they have no idea what life was like before Tommy Douglas. I tried to show Prairie Giant at the Hall and was not ‘allowed’ to by the owner. It has something to do with a scene about the premier of Saskatchewan not being accurate; almost as if someone wants Tommy Douglas forgotten.

The problem is that these young people have no experience to base a vote on. They do not understand the problem with private health care. Their health care will be gone before they realize what has been stolen away. Meantime TV programs show reruns of reruns, while they could be educating the voters on what we are losing.

It is time voters got involved in saving what these young people take for granted.

It would be a good fundraiser if someone was successful in showing it. I have a copy if anyone could get permission.


Roberta Docherty, Meaford

Editor’s Note: This scribe is ’50-something’ and I don’t know the song ‘Snowbird’, nor do I know who Danny Kaye is, and I have never seen ‘Prairie Giant’…the kids will be all right.

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