Sunday, June 26, 2022

Concern About Speeders


Something has to be said about speeding drivers on Trowbridge and Legion Streets. A young driver went by the other night doing at least 70 km an hour with his foot still down hard on the gas. And Legion St. is pretty much a drag strip.

Do we have to wait till someone gets killed before something is done? Why is the speed limit 50 km an hour on quiet residential streets?  Answer: speed bumps.

And since I’m here, Legion Park is the only park I’ve ever seen with an unregulated roadway running right through it. No stop signs, no rules… absolutely no reason vehicles should be allowed to drive through it. Drivers sit in there with engines running, littering their cigarette butts and they never even get out of their cars or pick up trucks. Answer: block off the end of the roadway at the east side of the park. Parks are for people not random drivers.

Tim Tevlin, Meaford


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