Saturday, March 2, 2024

Concern About Orchard Sprays

Mr. Editor,

A recent fire raised concerns about chemicals entering our water system and the Municipality took rapid and appropriate action.

I understand that the investors planting the new and impressive apple orchards in our community have requested permission to place a pumping station on one of our shoreline parks to provide water for an irrigation system.

The new orchards appear to be in an area drained by Centreville Creek. Has anyone thought about an environmental study before permission is granted? There is the possibility that more chemical residues from orchard sprays, which could be harmful to humans, would drain into the Bay not far from our water intake and certainly close to many residents’ shore wells. More water in the orchard areas could increase runoff and leaching into the groundwater.

It might be prudent for our decision makers to show the same kind of caution we appreciated after the fire before allowing the pump house to be constructed.

TCE has had to undertake many environmental studies related to the pumping of water.

It would seem reasonable that the orchard owners should be held to a similar standard.

Jim Hepple, Meaford

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