Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Canada Needs to Avoid American Polarization


In Canada, many of us look south at our neighbours and believe that the horrendous daily dysfunction we observe in the United States cannot happen here.

We are wrong, and without vigilant voter participation in future elections, we could easily see our society slip into a disastrous form of populism which has rendered the U.S.A. a spent force in many critical areas of world influence, human rights, equality, freedom, and democracy.

A recent Abacus Canadian survey indicates that 16% of us (5 million) believe that Donald Trump won the 2020 election, and was cheated out of it.

20% believe the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center was “an inside job”.

18% believe Princess Diana was killed by the Royal Family, with 35% believing it’s “plausible”.

13% believe climate change is a hoax, and 16% are “not sure”.

11% believe the moon landing was fake, with another 22% unsure.

How do these Canadians identify ? Many are PPC supporters of Maxime Bernier. For a great many, Pierre Poilievre is the CPC leadership contender most aligned with their values.

Those who are not vaccinated, or opposed any and all mandates during the worst of Covid-19.

Most distrust the news media.

We must avoid brutal American-style partisanship, and their disturbing tendency to swing hard right in Canada. We have been a successful social democracy for over 75 years.

We have a responsibility to keep it that way.

This was my source article:

Mike Robertson, Meaford

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