Friday, July 12, 2024

BJHS Santa Paws Walk Spreads Smiles

Santa Paws Walk 2021, organized by the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society, spread mirth and smiles on both sides of the glass at the Meaford Long Term Care once again on Saturday, December 18. There were fourteen dogs and Sparky, the Meaford Fire Department mascot, plus over 20 well-wishers in festive attire parading past the dining room windows at lunchtime.

The idea for the dog parade and its band of merry-makers was inspired last year when the lock-downs prevented residents from seeing friends and family in person within the facility. In the spirit of kindness, the Society knew they had to do something to cheer up these well-deserving people. So, the plea went out and was so well-received, that this was their second (annual) Santa Paws Walk.

Two other dog parades were organized in 2021. One, in honour of John Goudy’s 100th birthday last April, and another at the Meaford Long Term Care for Halloween. At the latter, the Scarecrow Invasion Kazoo Band led the charge.

The Beautiful Joe Heritage Society, a registered charity, celebrates the animal/human bond through the legacy of kindness voiced by author, Margaret Marshall Saunders. She made our local dog famous and Beautiful Joe is part of Meaford’s rich history. Saunders’ story taught children around the world about kindness to animals and others.

Interested in volunteering or participating in future walks? Contact the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society through their new and updated website

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