Friday, July 12, 2024

Anonymous Donor to Match Donations For Eat Local Grey Bruce

The last year has been a roller coaster for Meaford based Eat Local Grey Bruce, a community based non-profit co-operative that delivers farm fresh food to members across Grey and Bruce counties. This time last year, they were launching a massive crowdfunding campaign to keep the co-op from declaring bankruptcy. Thanks to the community, ELGB was able to keep its doors open and started down the path of restructuring to leaner, more simplified operations.

Throughout the year, volunteers have shown up for the co-op to provide time and energy because they love the service: ELGB connects community members with local food producers giving them access to fresh local food every week. Simple in concept, but challenging to execute with over 8,000 square kilometres in their service area, ELGB has successfully maintained profitable operations through the year and is ready to take on 2024.

The co-op announced on their website and social media accounts that 2024 is indeed starting off on the right foot with an anonymous corporate donation for up to $1,000 to match donations from the community. That means for every dollar donated between now and the end of February, ELGB can double the funds to help ensure the co-op continues to thrive. And in addition, ELGB is offering a draw for everyone who donates over $10 for the chance to win $25 in store credit. 

This is a really great opportunity for us to start off on the right foot in the new year,” said Kel Smith who chairs the ELGB Board of Directors. “After the financial strain of the last year, this is an opportunity for the community to come together again and really make a difference for the co-op. We’re so proud to have such amazing membership across the counties and I mean it quite honestly when I say that we would not be in operation without their exceptional ongoing support. I also want to extend just so much gratitude to our corporate sponsor for participating as well.”

If you are interested in donating, you can visit the Eat Local Grey Bruce website to read the blog post at


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