Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Annan, Leith Join Scarecrow Communities

The Meaford Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival welcomes Annan and Leith as the two newest communities to join in the scarecrow mania that invades the municipality at this time of year, when volunteers gather to build and dress hundreds of scarecrows in time for a fall invasion, parade, and festival.

In 2019, Bognor volunteers created a display of storybook characters the likes of Harry Potter, Mary Poppins, and classic fairy tale characters, in keeping with a Book Invasion theme. This year, Annan and Leith volunteers will build on a party theme in celebration of the Invasion’s 25th anniversary, according to volunteer Carol Gray.

Our time has come,” she said. “Annan and Leith are very much part of Meaford but sometimes we feel we are the forgotten child. We want to make the invasion all inclusive. At the Historical Leith Church where summer concerts happen, we will dress scarecrows as musicians, singers, and members of a band. In Annan, the scarecrows will gather for a tea party at the Trinity United Church to celebrate hospitality and fellowship, and to share church gossip. If we can manage it, we hope to have two smaller child-sized scarecrows climbing up the side of church to reach a cat. There will be scarecrows at the corner of Hwy 25 and GR 15 pointing toward Annan. We will invite the six businesses along GR15 to build scarecrow displays and be part of business competition. At the end of GR15, there will directional scarecrows pointing up the street to the Trinity United Church, and to the Historical Leith Church.”

Scarecrows are due to invade downtown Meaford, Bognor, Annan, and Leith on September 6. Parade and family festival to follow on September 30.


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