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2015 Guys Caring for Kids Photo Contest


beautiful embrace 225Celebrate Father’s Day by capturing a photo of your favourite guy having fun interacting with the kids or grandkids. The 6th Annual Guys Caring for Kids Photo Contest challenges photographers to capture the visual stories of men in caring relationships with children. Submissions are being accepted until June 26.

Although men are highly involved in the lives of children as fathers, uncles, grandfathers, friends, coaches and neighbours, the majority of visual images in the media still feature females in this role. Several organizations have come together to celebrate the interactions of men with our younger generations.

Photo submissions may include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

· Doing chores or daily activities together

· Unstructured play

· Reading or doing homework

· Recreational or leisure activities

· Cuddling

Prizes will be awarded for winning submissions. Submission will be judged by Owen Sound Sun Times photographer James Masters. Click on 2015 Photo Contest Guys Caring for Kids Poster-Entry to view 2014 winning submissions and access the 2015 contest entry form.

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