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Number of Meaford Employees on Sunshine List Doubles to Six

By Stephen Vance, Staff

mfd ops ctrIn 2010 the Municipality of Meaford saw its first employee listing on the annual “Sunshine List” issued by the province. Former CAO Frank Miele had earned $118,000 in 2009 earning him a spot on the list of public sector employees who earn more than $100,000 per year. The 2015 list released by the province today (March 27) now includes six Meaford employees who earned more than $100,000 in 2014.

CAO Denyse Morrissey earned the highest salary on Meaford’s staff roster with $151,146.80 plus $1,203.17 in taxable benefits.

Three Meaford employees earned $109,313.40 in 2014 – Director of Planning & Building Rob Armstrong, Director of Operations Stephen Vokes, and Director of Community & Cultural Services Dan Buttineau.

Also on the list this year are Meaford’s Fire Chief Mike Molloy who earned $101,537.10, and Treasurer Darcy Chapman who earned $102,179.

Last year Meaford had just three employees on the Sunshine List:

Rob Armstrong – Director of Planning & Building: $103,189.10

Stephen Vokes – Director of Operations: $103,189.10

Denyse Morrissey – CAO: $142,689

After the 2015 was released by the province, a press release from the municipality sought to make a clarification due to an extra pay period in 2014.

The Municipality of Meaford had a 27 pay period cycle in 2014. This resulted in higher salaries being reported in 2014. This 27 pay period is infrequent and is not something that can be adjusted or revised to reflect a 26 pay period cycle. The disclosure list must mirror what is provided on the employee T4’s for 2014 which includes the 27th pay,” said the municipality in the press release.

The municipality says that the actual 2014 annual salary of the Sunshine List staff for a standard 26 pay period year, as follows:

·         Robert Armstrong – Salary of $105,341.60, Taxable benefits $838.38

·         Dan Buttineau – Salary of $105,341.60, Taxable benefits $838.38

·         Darcy Chapman – Salary of $98,117.08, Taxable benefits $780.62

·         Mike Molloy – Salary of $96,100.20, Taxable benefits $762.88

·         Denyse Morrissey – Salary of $145,654.60, Taxable benefits $1,160.20

·         Stephen Vokes – Salary of $105,341.60, Taxable benefits $805.98

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