Saturday, February 24, 2024

Miller Should be Applauded

Letter to the Editor

Dear Mr Vance,

You are wrong.

Larry Miller should be applauded for his standing up for his views and the views of many Canadians.

People leave their countries’ to come to Canada for a variety of reasons. Yes, we have and will continue to welcome immigrants with open arms IF they are intending to be contributing citizens of our country. They should not come to our country and immediately expect to gain from social benefits we and our forefathers worked so hard to obtain without first proving themselves worthy of benefiting from these social assistance programs.

To obtain a citizenship to our country we have every right to know who it is we are accepting into our country as a citizen. Under the cover of the Niqab anyone could be sworn in. If people choose to wear the traditional clothing of their country as they go about their daily routine and it does not impact on our way of life or safety then by all means go for it. In the same thought is if a Muslim woman wants to drive the car – terrific but not while wearing a niqab that would restrict peripheral vision.

I personally believe our first mistake was allowing the RCMP uniform to be changed to allow the use of turbans. Our RCMP uniform is recognized world wide. A uniform is just that – a uniform. If you can’t or won’t adhere to the uniform, join another service where a uniform is not required.

Yours truly,

K. Wilson, Meaford

Editor’s Note: There has been no suggestion that unknown persons become Canadian citizens. The niqab is commonly removed in private when required for licence photos, passport photos, and when requested by law enforcement or border security officials. Proof of identity is provided in private, prior to the public ceremony for the oath of citizenship.

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