Saturday, February 24, 2024

County Reminding Residents to Keep Trash Bins & Recycle Boxes Off Roads and Shoulders


Grey County plow operators are seeing many improperly placed waste bins and want to remind residents to keep their garbage and recycling off roads and shoulders.

Waste collection is a valued service, but improperly placed bags and bins can interfere with snow removal and lead to messes in ditches and driveways. The best way to avoid this issue on rural roads is to keep your waste containers back off the road and shoulder.

Plow operators need to keep roads and shoulders clear of snow. If garbage bags and bins are placed on the shoulder, there’s a chance they could be knocked over by a plow blade or the snow it’s pushing,” explained Steve Dollmaier, maintenance manager with Grey County.

Local municipalities may have additional rules in place for waste management collection. If you have questions, contact your local municipality or visit their website.

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