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TC Energy Responds to Letter

Letter to the Editor


On behalf of TC Energy and the proposed Pumped Storage Project, I’m writing in response to Mr. Carr’s letter to the Editor.

First, I want to thank Stephen for his interest in the project and hope that he will be able to attend our first Community Information Session on December 11 to learn more about the proposal.

Second, while efficiency is a consideration for all power projects (more on that below), it’s critically important to understand that this project has been designed to reduce electricity bills for Ontario consumers, while cleaning our air.

Capturing and storing clean excess electricity that you have already paid for is the core purpose of this project. Currently, Ontario’s power grid produces too much electricity, which must be exported to the United States – creating a financial loss for all Ontarians. In fact, the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers note that electricity exports cost Ontario between $384 and $675 million in 2016. Our proposed pumped storage project is designed to capture some of this clean excess electricity that we have already paid for and use it to reduce electricity bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

From an efficiency perspective, a modern pumped storage facility operates between 70% and 75% efficiency and our proposal is expected to fall in this range. Let’s remember, however, that the electricity used in our proposed project is excess electricity that would otherwise be wasted or exported. As a result, we are turning a 100% loss into a 75% gain for the benefit of Ontario consumers and environment.

John Mikkelsen

Project Manager and Director, TC Energy

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