Sunday, July 21, 2024

Apple Harvest Craft Show Donates to ATV Fund


The Apple Harvest Craft Show has once again given back to the community, this time with a $5,000 donation to the Meaford and District Fire Department towards the purchase of an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV).

The Meaford and District Fire Department has been fundraising for an ATV that will allow firefighters to access remote emergencies, transport injured patients, and fight fires on trails or farmland that is not easily accessible by road.

The full cost of the purchase is estimated at $60,000. The vehicle will be specially fitted with a skid pack designed to transport injured patients and extinguish fires, and includes the cost of a trailer to transport the ATV. It is expected to be in use by the spring of 2020.

This generous $5,000 donation brings the fundraising total to $31,670.

It has been great to see so much community support for this project” said Fire Chief John deHooge. “This equipment will give us a huge boost in protecting the environment, property, and lives all across our rural municipality.”

We’re so happy to give this back to the community of Meaford for the good of the residents” said Apple Harvest Craft Show committee member Jennifer Pearson, who presented the cheque with her husband Bill.

The Meaford and District Fire Department will continue to accept donations towards this project until the end of the year. For more information or to donate online, visit

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