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Canadian Soldiers Demonstrate High Readiness During Exercise STALWART GUARDIAN


More than 1,700 Canadian Army soldiers of both the Regular and Primary Reserve Force from across Ontario put their skills to the test during Exercise STALWART GUARDIAN 2019.

The annual confirmation training exercise, conducted from August 11 to 25, gave Canadian Armed Forces personnel the opportunity to hone and confirm the skills necessary to respond to Canadian and International requests for assistance.

This year’s Exercise STALWART GUARDIAN 2019 offered participants realistic and demanding training across a wide range of scenarios which tested the troops’ skills in a dynamic battle space, and provided an opportunity for soldiers to build on proficiencies learned throughout their summer individual training.

Exercise STALWART GUARDIAN 2019 took place on the training grounds of the 4th Canadian Division Training Centre in Meaford and Canadian Forces Base Petawawa Ont. with the final number of participants exceeding 1,700. The training for soldiers from infantry, artillery, armoured reconnaissance, and combat engineer units included mounted and dismounted patrols, live-fire training, tactical cross-country movement, and combat scenarios with supporting trades including a signal regiment, service battalion, and field ambulance services.

The 2019 iteration of Exercise STALWART GUARDIAN was a great success. This training shows that soldiers from across 4th Canadian Division have the necessary skill sets to respond when the Canadian Army is called on both at home and abroad. Participants from across Ontario, a combination of both Regular and Primary Reserve Force soldiers, can be proud of the training they accomplished during this annual training exercise,” said Brigadier-General Conrad Mialkowski, Commander, 4th Canadian Division and Joint Task Force (Central).

The Army Reserve is composed of fully qualified soldiers who train weekly and serve on a part-time basis. Most have full-time civilian careers or attend school.

Each year, the men and women of 4 Canadian Division attend individual training courses to enhance their personal military skills. These courses culminate into Exercise STALWART GUARDIAN, a major field training exercise designed to test their collective abilities.

The mission of 4 Canadian Division is to maintain combat-ready, multi-purpose ground forces to meet Canada’s defence objectives. Members of 4 Canadian Division take part in continuous and challenging individual and collective training to prepare them to achieve this mission.

4 Canadian Division is spread across 46 Ontario communities and comprises more than 13,000 men and women.

The Road to High Readiness training program was created to ensure soldiers are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. The progressive and challenging training is hosted at the Canadian Armed Forces training areas in Wainwright, AB, Petawawa and Meaford ON, Gagetown N.-B.

The army works off a three-year cycle that rotates throughout the Divisions. Each Division will be on the Road to High Readiness training once every three years. As of fall 2019, 4th Canadian Division will be assuming responsibility for preparing soldiers who will be deployed on international and domestic operations. The division is committed to generating and sustaining an agile, capable force, able to react at short notice to support international and domestic commitments.


C9 rifles are fired from turrets of G-Wagons at the range, during a VIP visit for Ex Stalwart Guardian on August 19, 2019. Photo by Master Corporal Nathan Moulton, Image Technician, 4th Canadian Division Headquarters, Public Affairs

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