Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Where Are All the Candidates?

Letter to the Editor


I have lived in the Municipality of Meaford for ten years. This will be my third municipal election in the area. Not once other than this year has a candidate come to my door campaigning. This year so far the only candidate who did come was my neighbour.

As I understand there is roughly a 50-50 split in the population of Meaford between urban Meaford and the surrounding rural areas. My neighbourhood contributes quite a significant amount of taxes relative to the density of the area yet not once has a candidate been out to talk about the issues prior to an election.

We need candidates who can represent and understand the needs of both the urban and rural areas of our community. I encourage candidates to make the effort to canvas the back country roads within the municipality. Not only will they gain insight into the issues that their rural constituents feel are important, they will also get to experience the quality of our roads.

Mike Comello, Annan

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