Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Tennis Anyone?


Tennis gatherings at the Eliza Street courts have been going on since May 14. Four times a week players have either practised or played games.

Many of the players are middle-aged or older who played when they were younger but have not played for many years. They are enjoying getting back at it with others of similar skills. A list of times for Tennis On Eliza Street (TOES) is listed in the Events section of this newspaper.

Organizers are hoping for more participation from younger players and their parents when school is out. Some players are coming back to tennis from their recent involvement in playing pickle ball which is mainly an indoor sport. The basic skills are the same and a good player will do well in both sports. Pickle ball court markings are still visible at the tennis courts.

Regardless of your experience, organizers invite you to come out and have some fun. Each foursome of players plays four games so each player gets a chance to serve a game. The teams are then changed to keep it interesting and not too competitive.

Of the 36 players who have signed up, only eight have shown up at any one time so players so far have not had to wait,” said organizers.

TOES members are keeping the courts clean, have installed windbreaks, placed seats and picnic tables for spectators, and hung up a notice board. The municipality has trimmed the surrounding trees making it easier to keep the courts clean.

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