Sunday, April 21, 2024

Reader Shares Thoughts on Electoral Issues

Letter to the Editor


MP Miller is worried about two things:

1) Voter Identity – vouching

His argument that vouching voter identity is bad because voter turnout improved by 7% after vouching was outlawed by the Conservatives.

This is a bogus argument. An increase in voter turnout is more readily explained by the fact that more people turned out to vote for a government with a more positive and optimistic outlook. Tighter voter identity requirements had nothing to do with this.

The Conservative political game of tightening the voter ID system harmed Canadian citizens who are not Canada residents, students studying away from home, and people who had difficulty meeting verification requirements (indigenous people, poor people, homeless people, etc.) As citizens, they all have a right to vote too. Denying a citizen the right to vote is wrong.

2) Limiting spending by political parties

Larry and I may agree on this issue.

I believe that every citizen who is entitled to vote should be allowed to contribute a modest personal amount to a candidate’s campaign. Presently this $1,575 is too high in my opinion.

But, non-citizens (lobbyists, businesses, political action committees, unions, and especially foreign organizations etc.) should not be able to contribute to political parties or candidates at all! Nor should their money be channelled to individuals in their employ or influence with the intent to influence political outcomes.

Mr. Miller does not seem to be interested in levelling the playing field for political financing if it impacts Conservative efforts.

By the way, a government fairly elected by a majority can change whatever rules/laws it sees fit. As the Conservatives so ably demonstrated when they held power.

I do agree that our electoral system is flawed in that 40% popular vote should never yield a majority government.

Dave MacDougall, Meaford

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