Friday, July 12, 2024

BWDSB Expands Social Media Presence


The Bluewater District School Board is expanding its presence on social media to enhance communications with parents/guardians, students, communities, and other stakeholders.

In addition to the board’s Twitter account, which was launched four years ago this November, new corporate accounts have recently been launched on Facebook and YouTube. The Facebook page will leverage the success of the existing Twitter feed by sharing board and school success stories and happenings, as well as important information, including meeting notifications, media releases, job postings, and other announcements. The YouTube account will serve as a repository for brief videos highlighting programs, board and school events, and updates on initiatives such as new school builds.

Also recently launched is a new Twitter account dedicated exclusively to tweets and retweets by Director of Education Alana Murray.

Archived webcasts of monthly Regular Meetings of the Board will continue to be posted to the board’s longstanding Vimeo account, in addition to the board website.

Several schools throughout the district continue to use Facebook and/or Twitter, among other applications, to provide members of their communities with timely and informative communications.

Increasing the board’s corporate social media footprint is a key priority in our communications plan for this school year. By opening up our communication channels through additional social media platforms, we are better positioned to reach more parents and members of the public in a quicker and more effective way with the information that is most vital to them,” says Communications Officer Jamie Pettit.

Find Bluewater District School Board on social media:

Facebook and Twitter: @BluewaterDSB

Director on Twitter: @BWDSBDirector

YouTube and Vimeo: Bluewater DSB

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