Sunday, July 21, 2024

Two Local Hikers Awarded the Golden Boot

T.S. Giilck

solomonaward270Two local hikers had their work with the Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club rewarded with the Keith Solomon ‘Golden Boot’ Award recently.

“Joan Nuffield and Bob Hann received the award at the BVBTC Annual General Meeting,” the club announced on social media. “What a team. Spearheading tackling invasive species, teaming up to set up an on-line data base, mowing Trail, editing the newsletter…”

“I think it’s pretty cool, but it is also some big shoes to fill – the previous winners of this award have set some pretty impressive examples,” said Nuffield via email. “I hope that the award helps to spread the word to everyone in the area about the importance of controlling invasive species like garlic mustard and buckthorn, which will destroy our forests if we don’t stop them.”

Hann’s answer was more succinct.

“It was an honour to be recognized as being part of the Bruce Trail team of volunteers who work so hard to preserve our beautiful environment,” he said.

The award is an actual bronzed boot that once belonged to Keith Solomon, one of the founding members of the Bruce Trail locally.

It’s awarded each year to club members who have made an outstanding contribution to the trail.

photo courtesy of The Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club

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