Thursday, July 25, 2024

Local Legion President Not Impressed With Scarecrows in ‘Support Our Troops’ Shirts

Letter to the Editor


I just read the story about the Scarecrow people going to put the Support our troops T-shirts on the puppets for this years invasion, and was wondering if anybody else has a problem with it.

The purpose of the T-shirts was to distribute them to raise funds for the MFRC, and to show support for the troops. In my opinion I think they should find another way.

I understand that the Invasion folks are looking for a way to show support for the 150th birthday of Canada, however putting these very important symbols on puppets hanging from light standards and wrapped around posts, is NOT the right thing.

Lets put a little more thought into this idea. I will also let you all know that at the last meeting of the local Legion, we found the idea to be in poor taste.    

Regards, Steve Rice President RCL #32

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