Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Reader: Tories Rush Anti-Terrorism Bill C51 to Committee

Letter to the Editor

Editor, the following has been sent to Prime Minister Harper, MP Larry Miller, and Minister Peter MacKay:

Steve, Larry, Peter, 

You Cons have consistently refused to fund agencies and oversight committees that are designed to protect Canadians from rabid and reactive political policies! 

You refused to let many agencies of government that protect Canadians, spend even the meagre budget amounts you allocated.  

The CSIS Oversight committee, the RCMP, Dept of National Defense,  Parliamentary budget officer, the freedom of information office, environmental protection departments etc. etc are running on fumes !! They can’t do their jobs well enough as it is. 

And yet you expect us to trust you to allocate more spy powers that could as easily harm as protect Canadians. While you undercut the oversight groups that will watch what they do. Incredible and stupid!

Your arrogance and passion to fan the flames of terrorism makes you appear fearful, panicked and foolish and totally out of control.. Your solutions seem To be putting Canada on a trajectory towards totalitarianism!

Our fore fathers and mothers fought hard for our freedoms. They did not want us to live under totalitarian regimes!  I will not give up the freedoms they earned for me!

Show us exactly how you plan to manage these new spy dogs you want to unleash amongst us. Then, and only then, if I agree that they can be controlled will I support C51.

Tone it down or we will tune you out !

Dave MacDougall, Meaford

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