Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Who Will Occupy New Buildings?

Letter to the Editor


It’s been very interesting  reading all the different viewpoints of people on the proposed destruction/improvement of downtown, Meaford depending on who is talking. Something I haven’t seen much of is discussion on who will potentially occupy this proposed development. My personal opinion is that Meaford has been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century as it is. Many naysayers and many proponents of change have spoken up.  R2C, or resistance to change, is a prime factor for many people and businesses; similar to NIMBYism. As we age we get comfy in our personal status quo.

Having said that, where are the people going to come from to occupy these new buildings? I’m not necessarily talking about businesses, but people?

That many apartments will take a lot of people to occupy. Young adults are fleeing small town Canada in droves. Seniors will need a lot of incentives to move into a main street/highway apartment complex with a fairly high traffic/noise potential. The military base is becoming less and less busy with DND budget cuts which equals personnel cuts. Small business is leaving because they can”t afford the rent increases and a  shrinking customer base. We seem to have a continuing rotation of vacant store fronts in Meaford. Fewer tenants equals increased rents to satisfy the owner’s operating costs equals fewer potential occupants to occupy expensive space. A pretty facade itself will not entice people, money, and business to flow into our municipality.

I’m not opposed to change as long as there is a valid continuing rational for that change and real hope for it’s potential benefit.

David Mason, Meaford

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