Sunday, July 21, 2024

There’s Always a Reason Why…

Letter to the Editor


There’s always a reason why elected officials raise our taxes. There’s a pending crisis; there’s a special need; there’s looming disaster. Raising taxes on taxpayers is the easiest, quickest and least contested way to add spendable dollars.  This departing Council decreed property tax increases to the tune of 60% in the last four years.  This last Council voted for a 60% tax hike!  And, there’s always a reason why.

A major economic driver is being overlooked by these “Tax and Spend” representatives. Whenever THEY take money out of a wage earner’s pocket in taxes, THEY take away personal spending power, causing personal sacrifice. Has anyone noticed the number of local business closures in Meaford? Please watch for vacant store fronts and listen to people talk about job loss.

Our family annual income is set, but sometimes we experience a financial “OH! CRAP!” moment. Some major event occurs outside our budget: a furnace breaks, a health issue arises, the house needs painting, there’s a car wreck, a lightning strike burned down the barn, etc. When an unexpected disaster strikes, we have to tighten our belts and manage our income to solve the new crisis. We become creative in finding solutions for this pressure point. Actually, every wage earner learns to be realistic about spending and budget priorities.

Unfortunately, our last Council viewed each crisis as unique, choosing their quick and easy fix for meeting the municipality’s “OH! CRAP” moments. They simply smile, blame someone else, deny facts, ignore economic reality, and then vote to raise every owner’s real estate taxes.

Time to vote all the incumbents out.  Don’t be afraid of getting rid of present council; it is hard to conceive of a new council raising your taxes and ignoring road repair more than the incumbents. There are many roads needing repair right now. The incumbent candidates voted to leave the bad roads for the next generation to fix? With a substantial change to the elected administration of the municipality in this election, this particular foolishness could be ended.

We all should be voting for candidates who have the smarts, integrity, and the ability to lead our municipality.  I think we need a change.  No incumbent will be receiving my vote.  In this election in particular, it is essential that everyone vote wisely.  

David Kavcic, Meaford

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