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Coyotes Howling in Fergus


On Saturday, October 22, Fergus was the site of a Minor Track Association cross country meet for grade 1-9 kids under cloudy, windy and chilly temperatures.  

31 Coyote members made the trip to the race, though grade 9 runners were rested as they had a big high school meet coming up five days later.

Of the five teams the Coyotes lined up on the starting line, we came home with five Team medals, with two gold medals in the Mite Boys and Atom Girls, two silver in the Tyke Boys and Tyke Girls and one bronze in the Atom Boys,” said team coach Kevin Hooper. “Individually, we also went 1-2-3 in the Mite Boys, posting a perfect team score, along with gold in the Mite Girls, bronze in the Tyke Boys and bronze in the Atom Girls.  Even more exciting for the future is that most of our 31 runners are in the bottom of their age groups, which means most of them will compete in the same age group next year.  So we should be even more dominant on 2017.”

All of Coyote members have recently competed locally in their Elementary School District Meets and most have either won, been on the podium, or in the top 10 against over 150 runners in their races. The team is looking very strong heading into the MTA Provincial Championships next Saturday, October 29th in Stouffville.

Full Results:

Mite Girls[2008 or later] – 1km

Olivia Latham [2008] – 1st / 11

Adassia Clock [2008] – 7th / 11

Mite Boys [2008 or later] – 1km

Edmund McPherson [2008] – 1st/7

Emmett Leary [2009] – 2nd/7

William Olivier [2009] – 3rd/7

Graeme Manwell [2008] – 9th/7

1st place Team

Tyke Girls [2007-2006] – 1.5km

Taryn Lee [2007] – 4th/24

Megan Cowan [2007] – 9th/24

Catherine Currie [2007] – 10th/24

Ava Olivier [2007] – 16th/24

Keira Shawyer [2007] – 18th/24

Lilly Campbell [2007] – 19th/24

2nd place Team

Tyke Boys [2007-2006] – 1.5km

Denon Taylor [2007] – 3rd/30

Luke House [2007] – 8th/30

Dominic Manwell [2006] – 14th/30

Wes Brown [2007] – 17th/30

Ethan Mei [2007] – 19th/30

Cole Gillis [2007] – 25th/30

2nd place Team

Atom Girls [2005-2004] – 2km

Kara Tichbourne [2005] – 3rd/47

Madison Calder [2004] – 5th/47

Payton Dodd [2005] – 7th/47

Emma Shawyer [2004] – 9th/47

Grace Boyce [2005] – 10th/47

Sydney Martin [2005] – 21st/47

Zoey Killeen [2004] – 29th/47

McKenna Karn [2005] – 32nd/47

1st place Team

Atom Boys [2005-2004] – 2km

Devlin Gillis [2005] – 8th/27

Rohan Egan [2005] – 9th/27

Jeffrey McPherson [2006] – 23/27

3rd place Team

Senior Girls [2003-2002] – 3km

Olivia Karn [2003] – 6th/18

Alex Scheifele [2002] – 11th/18

Photo: From left to right, Edmund McPherson, William Olivier and Emmett Leary, all from Meaford, placed 1-2-3, posting a perfect score in the Mite Boys 1km race on Saturday, Oct 22nd in Fergus

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