Thursday, July 25, 2024

Reader’s Thoughts on State of Bridges in Municipality


As you so rightly pointed out, the recent report from Ainley Consulting regarding our crumbling bridges is not a surprise. In 2011 we were advised that $20 million was needed over ten years, and that there was an immediate necessity to address some bridges within two years for $1.1 million.

The three current Council members that sat on this 2011 Council knew this and did nothing to prioritize this mainly rural issue.

Now we are told that costs have risen to $30 million over ten years and immediate needs of $2.5 million in the next two years. So, we can assume that Council procrastination has cost us $1.4 million over the next two years and $10 million over the next ten years.

What’s going on? Was there no maintenance done between 2011 and present?

Did the termination of Mr. Vokes, one of our few tech savvy staff, leave a knowledge gap?

It’s obvious that Council’s choice of spending priorities and inaction on the roads/bridges portfolios will cost us at least $10 million more in the near future.

Why did neither the Mayor or the CAO kick start these repairs and replacements five years ago? Council recently stated that future tax rises would either be geared to Ontario’s inflation rate or cost of living index, this will be impossible unless serious cuts are made elsewhere.

Elections have consequences.

Ray McHugh, Meaford

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