Sunday, July 21, 2024

Input on Physician-Assisted Dying

Letter to the Editor

Larry Miller and Letter to the Editor,

You asked publicly for input on the subject ( I am a constituent. Here is my input.

You state that,“my vote will be largely based on what my constituents tell me”, then you go on to state that: “I will also vote with my own conscience. I cannot and will not support something that is not in the best interest of Canadians and in particular the best interest of vulnerable Canadians.”

We probably do agree that health care workers should not be forced to help someone die. But preventing or punishing those who ask for help to die or those medical professionals who willingly assist those who wish to die is simply cruel and unforgivable.

This issue has been before the courts where it was found that preventing physician-assisted dying is in violation of our Charter of Rights. The discussion has been long and in depth by people on all sides of the issue and who have deep knowledge of the implications.

More political discussion in the house will not add any value to what has already been discussed and decided.

We know from past letters from you that you do not think highly of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But you must accept that it is the law of the land. This is a decided issue! It serves no purpose for you to deny the law or the will of the majority of Canadians on this issue.

So. You have to decide.

Will you vote based upon the law or your own feelings.

All of us are smarter than any one of us. So… do the right thing and vote to let people decide when and how they want to die and that they have the right to ask for help to get it done.

Dave MacDougall, Meaford

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