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Georgian Quilters Help Provide Warm Welcome For Syrian Refugee Family

Stephen Vance, Staff

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The Syrian refugee family sponsored by the Meaford Refugee Welcome Group arrived in Meaford on the Family Day holiday (February 15), and while they are keeping a low profile as they adjust to their new surroundings,

representatives of the Welcome Group were on hand for the February 18 meeting of the Georgian Quilters to express thanks for a donation from the group that helped provide a warm welcome for the six member family.

The Georgian Quilters donated a handmade quilt for each member of the refugee family, and those quilts were ready and waiting in the family’s new Canadian home upon their arrival. The quilting group also made quilts for another refugee family who recently arrived in Thornbury.

“The family is overjoyed with them, and they have them on their beds,” Lysa Rabinowitz, a member of the Meaford Refugee Welcome Group, told the quilters. “It makes a big difference for them to know that the community is thinking about them, and are not hostile toward them. They did arrive on Family Day, which was wonderful.”

Rabinowitz said that the family was tired from their lengthy journey, but they are settling in, and are eager to begin their new life in Canada.

“What a wonderful family. The kids are beautiful, and they were singing to us, and talking to us, even though we didn’t really understand what they were saying,” she told the audience with a laugh. “They’re eager to learn, and they’re really friendly. A beautiful, beautiful family.

Another member of the welcome group, former mayor Francis Richardson, told the quilters that the family is overwhelmed with joy, and they have many volunteers helping them acclimatize themselves to life in Canada.

“We are so thankful that we’ve got so many clubs, so many businesses, so many people that are willing to do all this to help this family in this first year of adjustment in their new community,” said Richardson.

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