Friday, June 14, 2024

New Resident Impressed With Small Town Spirit

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I’d like to tell a story.

We’re new to this area, only been in the house since just before Halloween. This afternoon we got back from two nights away to find that a 20ft section of the 7ft tall board fence around the back yard had blown over. Posts all rotted out.

And of course it blew in the direction of the church parking lot beside us, not onto our own lawn. Which meant we had to do something about it right away. Far too heavy to lift ourselves. Went across the street to consult friendly neighbour Bob (names changed). Bob came right over. Fred from down the street had noticed the panel was down and showed up ready to fix it, not even knowing that we’d returned home and were there working on it.

A reciprocating saw appeared from someone’s trunk and the fallen panel was cut up into manageable pieces and is now stacked in our yard. Braces were placed on the next bit of fence, also looking drunk. Another wonky-looking panel got lashed to the adjacent tree.

Fred knows the church’s snow-plow guy and will tell him to mind our fence next time he has to plow.

Fred mentioned that he was having trouble with something or other at home so he and Bob set off to see if Bob could help fix it.

I’d say that was a nice little piece of true Christmas spirit, but I suspect it’s like this year-round. Very impressive.


Dinah Shields, Meaford

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