Thursday, July 25, 2024

MCS Students Loved Aladdin Performance at Meaford Hall

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

We went to a professional live theatre performance on December 4. The Kids in the Meaford Hall presented Aladdin this year.

Our fellow M.C.S. students were in the play including Megan, Lilly, Jeridan, Vanessa, Alex, Cassie, and Claire. The actors were so good that I thought they were in the Disney movie. We liked how the feelings of the actors were so real like when the castle went missing, the sultan was mad and Aladdin was concerned. The special effects were cool. When the evil magician used the lamp the lights flickered. We could hear thunder too and could always tell when the genie was going to appear by the sounds.

Thank you to the sponsors who were so generous. Because of their donations to Kids in the Meaford Hall, we did not have to pay anything to go to the Meaford Hall. Thanks also to the volunteers who helped create an excellent performance again this year.


The Grade 2/3 Class at Meaford Community School

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