Monday, June 24, 2024

Happy Holidays From The Meaford Independent

By Stephen Vance, Editor

It has been a heck of a year in Meaford!


With so much going on throughout the year in our little corner of the planet, it can be easy to forget that there is a world beyond our own problems. It can also be easy to forget that in the grand scheme, what we see as problems, aren’t really all that earth shattering.


What are our problems exactly?


We live in a community that boasts a location that many in the world would envy. A beautiful waterfront, rich agricultural land, clean forests and trails, and safe streets that we can wander any time of the day or night.


Sounds like a pretty awful place.


Sure, we’ve got some issues.


We’ve got what at times seems like more than our fair share of lawsuits flying around, our property taxes have been steadily increasing in order to pay for accumulated deficits, we’ve seen ideological disagreements between various groups within our community, and we’ve possibly had more snow in the last few weeks than we deserve.


You could ask ten people what problems we have here in little ‘ole Meaford, and chances are you’d get ten different answers.


On the whole though, I think we should consider ourselves fortunate that we don’t have tanks roaming our streets, we don’t wake up to crumbled buildings, and smoke filled air from the previous nights bombings.


Given the low level of criminal activity in our community, we don’t have to live in fear for the safety of our families and properties.


And while we certainly have members of our community who are hurting financially, or that are suffering with health problems, we should feel some comfort that we don’t have children begging on our streets for change from strangers.


Rather we live in a community that once we decide to set our personal differences aside, does a wonderful job of celebrating life. We do a fantastic job in Meaford of showcasing what a fabulous gift we have from living in a free and democratic nation where our only real problems are those that we create ourselves.


From Scarecrow Invasions, to Window Unveilings, from Duck Races to local plays, our community and its volunteers make Meaford a wonderful place to live, work and play.


And if I had but one wish this holiday season it would be that in those moments when any of us in our community are frustrated because we have to buy a garbage bag tag for two dollars, or we are annoyed at a decision made by our council, or we are angry about a pothole on our road that has taken too long to repair…in those moments my wish would be that we stop for a few seconds to reflect upon both the positive aspects of living in Meaford, and the tragically sad life we could be living elsewhere in this big blue ball.


In spite of what we might think are our troubles, the lifestyle provided by our community is the envy of many around the world, and we should never lose sight of that.


And now we have the holiday season upon us. Whatever you are celebrating in the coming days, or have celebrated in recent weeks, The Meaford Independent wishes you the best at this special time of year.


We hope that you enjoy the festivities that this time of year brings with it, and that you and your families take the chance to put everything else aside and simply enjoy the small moments that make everything else worthwhile.


And when the gifts have all been opened, and the egg nog is gone, while we might be tempted to once again dwell on all that is not perfect, just remember- It’s just life.


Happy Holidays from The Meaford Independent.


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