Sunday, June 16, 2024

A Letter to Our Readers From TMI Publisher Susanne Wussow

By Susanne Wussow, Publisher

To our readers,


We’re celebrating our second year of publishing independent news, commentary and letters – no Big Brother telling us what to write, print or say. It’s just Indie and us, holding up a mirror to Meaford and reflecting the activities, goings-on, and community news in a clear and forthright way.


And we’d like to thank you, our readers, for reading the Independent, supporting us, and most of all, sending your letters and comments.

Our readership grows every month, and based on our reader feedback it’s obvious that many feel that we have become the true voice of the municipality. With limited opportunities to let our council and mayor know how they feel, many use The Meaford Independent to help get their viewpoints across to our elected officials and other concerned citizens.

And by publishing articles and letters frequently during the week, The Independent is on-the-spot, fast, and brings you the news, pictures and community events you want to know about, sometimes within hours, and during elections, within minutes.


And, Stephen Vance’s editorials are the most-read of any of our articles, with many requests for more. We’ll see what we can do to bring you more of his analytical and insightful opinion pieces.


We’d like to continue to grow and expand our voice, and with your support we’ll move onward and upward!




Susanne Wussow, Publisher – The Meaford Independent


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