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Fudds and Coyotes Close in on Goofies in Sr. Bowling


On Thursday, December 29, at Meaford Bowl Team Goofy, the league’s only all female team, salvaged 2.5 points in a rare tie.

Team Wily Coyote, who had been inching closer to the Goofies shared the tie winning 2.5 points but allowing Team Elmer Fudd to sneak into second place. Team Fudd took all five points available from Team Road Runner.

Standings after twelve weeks

Place                       Team Season Total

1 Goofy                                35.5

2. Elmer Fudd                    34

3 Wily Coyote                    33.5

4 Tweety Bird                    29

5 Road Runner                  27

6 Woody Woodpecker      19

Who helped their team most? These bowlers achieved two game total scores above their average and with handicap added punched up their team totals: Dorothy Rhodes 525, Chris Armstrong 498, Gail Thompson 493, Marion Genoe 479, Anne Thompson 460, Jean Burch 450, Trudy Schmidka 447, Janet Grimes 442, Bonnie McColgan 428, and Carol Carson 427.

Raw Scores: Top three single games (men) Reiner Schroeder 227, Les Ashton 206, Leo Girard 202

(women) Chris Armstrong 221, Dorothy Rhodes 207, Marion Genoe 198

Doubles over 300 (women) Dorothy Rhodes 393, Chris Armstrong 374, Marion Genoe 371, Gail Thompson 317, Anne Thompson 310.

(men) Leo Girard 401, Reiner Schroeder 394, Bev Genoe 341, John Perks 324, Les Ashton 320, Brian McColgan 316, Walter Svajda 308, and Walter Schmidka 304.

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