Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Appreciation to County For Recognition of Bethesda Heritage

Letter to the Editor


Just a word of appreciation to Grey County for acknowledging the former hamlet of Bethesda. New signs have been placed along Grey Roads 12 and 112 (otherwise known as the Ninth Line and 15/16 Sideroad in St. Vincent).

There is nothing left of former settlements such as Elmhedge or Oxmead, nothingbut a sign and a location. In Bethesda, the schoolhouse (built 1891), the church(originally from 1863, rebuilt 1889), and the cemetery are all still in existence, althoughno longer seeing their original use, all from an original plot owned by early settler Mr. Snider.

Always nice to see more recognition of heritage within Meaford.

Kind regards,

Jay Miller, Meaford

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