Friday, July 12, 2024

2022 Municipal Election Candidate Profile: Robert Doran

Candidate Name: Robert Doran
Position Sought: Councillor
Email :
Phone: 519 538 1698


Life long resident of Meaford/Family farming background/Heavy industrial
construction/Penstock construction for Ontario Hydro/Licensed home builder in Ontario/Won government construction contracts/Held a pilots license

Explain your primary reasons for your decision to seek election to Meaford council:

I feel there is a need for greater accountablity involving projects by
the council. Less use of the rubber stamp approach, more hands on by council.

In your view, what should be the top priorities for the council that is elected on October 24?

To keep undo influence from TC Energy out of council and allow the peoples
opinion to be heard/better facilities for youth [year round covering for pool/skate board park/funding for victims of spousal/partner abuse. insuring public lands stay public ie: [water front]

Explain the role of councillor (or Mayor/Deputy Mayor) as you understand it.

The role of Councillor is one of listening to the people and bringing there concerns forward
making sure they have a voice ,also tempering those concerns with common sense

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