Sunday, February 25, 2024

MPP Walker Pleased Province Scraps Plans to Repeal “Industrial Exception”


Local MPP Bill Walker says pressure from his caucus and industry has forced the Liberal government to scrap plans to repeal a provision that would have had negative repercussions on manufacturers in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound and across the province.

The repeal of the so-called “industrial exception” would compel a manufacturer to hire an engineer to approve slight modifications to production machinery. Walker called the repeal an unnecessary regulatory burden on an industry that is recognized for its standards of excellence.

This repeal would have a detrimental impact on our manufacturing sector, resulting in increased production costs and delays and even more job losses,” Walker said. “This could have caused another major blow to our economy.”

Walker said he supports the manufacturing sector’s long-standing exception, which essentially allows employees to do some customization or design changes to machinery. If the government had its way and done away with the exception, then any modification would have to be approved by a professional engineer, explained Walker.

At a time when 600,000 people are unemployed, we should be focusing on stimulating the economy and creating jobs, not burdening the manufacturing sector with more cost and red-tape,” offers Walker.

Walker said he also heard concerns that the Liberal government took the high-road with their plans, failing to consult with people who work in the manufacturing sector.

By forcing them to back off, we’ve essentially ensured that our manufacturers will stay on par with the rest of Canada, and that is very good news,” said Walker.

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