Sunday, April 21, 2024

Great Potential For Success in Meaford

Letter to the Editor


In response to the article “Meaford Knows How to Party Together, Why Can’t We Exist Together?”, I would like to offer my thoughts. Personally, I relate to the glow you felt at our Canada Day Celebrations. The Chamber of Commerce had chaired this event for the three years prior to 2014. Though the infectious spirit you mentioned was evident throughout the municipality, it is truly unfortunate that Meafordites are still not celebrating our National Holiday as a unified community but instead within a few of our individual hamlets.

You suggested that in our upcoming election “the standoff between urban and rural Meaford is practically inevitable”. I want to remind our readers how this community rallied together a decade ago to save our amazing hospital. It is this kind of positive energy that our candidates need to personify if our next council is to rise above the current divisiveness they are facing in this municipality.

It is evident that our residents will rally together when a worthwhile cause is presented. What greater cause could there be than coming together to work for the benefit of all residents of this community? This can be achieved by supporting initiatives that will draw more people, commerce, and development to all parts of Meaford. Initiatives that encourage growth in our community will result in a lessened tax burden for our residents, and will assist with our current high rate of youth unemployment.

I believe there is great potential for successes, beginning with a plan for improved communication and a process for collaboration on many levels. Everyone in this municipality needs to first all agree that if we come together and work together these triumphs will occur. People need to feel that their concerns are heard and that when possible, or appropriate, action taken. I would like to see regular opportunities for face -to-face discussions between council, staff, the business community, and members of the public from which recommendations could be implemented.

As we all know, Meaford has so much potential. Let us imagine that we the residents of Meaford were all focused on moving forward in a positive direction to make Meaford all that it can be, utilizing the will within us and the spirit that makes us proud to be part of Meaford. Imagine, just imagine.

Shirley Keaveney, President Meaford Chamber of Commerce

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