Thursday, June 13, 2024

NDP Candidate Launches Campaign to Stop Hudak’s Job Cuts: Which 934?


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Last week Karen Gventer, NDP candidate in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, launched a province wide campaign questioning Tim Hudak about his plan to fire 100,000 people in the province.

Hudak’s plan means 934 jobs in each of the 107 ridings in the province will be cut should he get elected.

Tim Hudak has committed to firing 934 people in Bruce-Grey-Owen-Sound under his 100,000 job cuts plan,” Gventer said, “The 934 families who depend on those jobs here have a right to know:  Who is Tim Hudak going to fire in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound?  How many paramedics, firefighters, nurses, educational assistants and teachers are going to lose their jobs here?” Gventer also stated.

The 934 families in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound that depend on those jobs have a right to know if Conservative candidate Bill Walker has targeted them to join the unemployment line,” Gventer said.

Conservative Candidate Bill Walker has a responsibility to tell the people of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound region who can expect to lose their job if he’s elected,” Gventer added.

Gventer said she is deeply concerned about the profound impact this would have on families and community in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.

Stronger communities are not created by cutting services and jobs that families depend on. Unlike Tim Hudak, Andrea Horwath and the Ontario NDP have a plan to create local jobs by rewarding employers for every new job they create with a tax credit. New Democrats will keep manufacturers in Ontario by providing tax credits when they invest in their local operations,” Gventer said.

For more information about the Ontario NDP’s plan, visit

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