Sunday, April 21, 2024

Putting Hospitality Back in the Hospital

Letter to the Editor


I recently had day surgery in your hospital.  As I am sure that there are a few people like myself, frightened of the unknown from the fear of death to cleanliness and having caring staff.  As having served in kitchens and with the public for many years I understand the frustrations that come with it, and I do not know if I could deal with hurt and injured people with the finesse that I came across at your hospital.   

I am also a wee bit of a germaphobe , was actually known as the warden in one kitchen.  When I got settled into the waiting room before surgery I did check from floor to ceiling for dust and dirt and was over whelmed at how clean it was, I even checked all the bars on and under the bed and no dirt or dust to be seen. 

The pre-op nurse was the most friendly, comforting and kindest nurse I have come in contact with ever.  I think of these nurse as the first line of defence and she deserves a medal for she went above and beyond her call of duty.  Bernadette, you are a star and have my utmost respect, you made my stay less stressful than it normally would have been if it had been anywhere else. 

On to the OR staff, what another wonderful group of doctors and nurses, they were actually singing and smiling.  The surgery went well as did my whole experience in your hospital and I can not thank you enough especially Bernadette, Dr. Adlington, and all the other people that I came in contact with.  Kudus to all of you.

Trudy Redfern
Southampton, Ontario

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