Friday, January 28, 2022

Reader Responds to Letter Concerning Municipal Name

Letter to the Editor


In response to our letter concerning the Municipal name,  R. Paul Kneeshaw of Kitchener misses the point by a league and a half.

His paean of effusive praise to Meaford, the town, may, or may not be warranted, but no one is out to relieve the town of Meaford of its original incorporated name.

The town is Meaford and all references to that name should be exclusive to the town.

No one is out to remove any part of Meaford, the town’s ,historic underpinnings. No one is out to erase one iota of Meaford, the town’s, glorious patrimony. Nothing in what we argued would change the name of Meaford, the town.

The problem lies in that the Municipality of Meaford is carrying the same cognomem as the town. In many ways it is a usurpation of the town’s name by the Municipality. The situation has led, still leads, and will continue to lead to confusion.

Unlike the names of Sydenham and St.Vincent, lost in the amalgamation proceedings, Meaford, the town name, remains extant. For many the loss is a constant reminder of much-loved traditions and history lost forever.

Judy and Ken Thomson, Leith

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