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Mayoral Candidate Concerned About Cell Towers

Letter to the Editor


The following letter has been sent to Meaford’s council and staff:

Dear Mayor Richardson, Deputy Mayor Harley Greenfield and Council, Staff and MP Larry Miller,

It is with a sense of urgency that I respectfully ask you to consider implementing a policy on cell tower placement within the Municipality of Meaford. And I respectfully ask you to ensure that the proponent of Rogers Site C4272 “Meaford Town” process of approval be delayed until such time as Meaford has adopted a policy on cell tower placement.

It is incumbent upon us to develop a municipal policy concerning cell tower placement. At present the municipality is lacking this policy. As there are new regulations and as the cell tower location being proposed is in a predominantly residential area, I respectfully ask that the proponent for Rogers Site C4272, “Meaford Town” be required to meet the conditions of these new regulations.

In other words the proponent should be required to meet all the new conditions in terms of circulation and community consultation.

As you are well aware, the federal Conservative government recently passed new legislation regarding municipal and public input into the placement of cell towers.

MP Tony Clement said that new Industry Canada rules announced today will ensure the public have their say on proposed cell towers in their communities, regardless of their proposed size.

Dated Feb 5, 2014, here is the link to a description of the new policy:

I respectfully ask our Council to give direction to Staff to develop a policy for cell tower placement in Meaford and I also ask that the proponent for Rogers Site C4272 approval process be delayed until such time as Meaford’s policy for placement for cell towers in this community be adopted. I believe these actions will serve our entire community well.

Here is a description of the why of the new cell tower placement policy by MP Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board of Canada:

Over the last 20 years, wireless services have grown into something that Canadian consumers rely on every day. As a result, we are seeing an increasing number of new cell towers being constructed in our communities. The placement of these towers is becoming ever more divisive with the rapidly increasing demand for wireless services.

The changes to the policy guiding the installation of new antenna towers will require companies to:

  • consult communities on all commercial tower installations, regardless of height;

  • build the tower within three years of consulting with communities; and

  • ensure that residents are well-informed of upcoming consultations.


Jim McPherson

Candidate for Mayor of Municipality of Meaford

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