Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Reader Takes Corporate Giants to Task Over Low Wages

Letter to the Editor


One would think that it would be relatively easy for corporate giants like McDonald’s and Tim Hortons to pay their front-line employees, who are not students, a few dollars an hour above minimum wage.   

After all, there are some small independent businesses in Meaford who are able to do so, while competing for the same customers. Those small businesses should be complimented for having the moral ethics to admit that good employees deserve more than poverty wages.      

Actually, those small businesses should be thanked by you, the taxpayer, for not following the lead of McDonald’s and Tim Hortons. The business model of these corporate giants of paying meagre wages to front-line employees is one that contributes to the need for taxpayers to fund government assistance programs and support community initiatives like food banks.      

This business model puts the onus on the public to enable these employees to make ends meet. It does however, allow for the payment of millions of dollars to top executives and for multi-billion dollar profits.  

Perhaps they should ask some of their small business competition downtown to explain their business model – above minimum wages, locally purchased ingredients, superior culinary products and profits that remain completely in Meaford.

Steve Griffiths, Meaford

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