Father’s Day - A Tribute To Dad

CameronBurechails2016 270In 1999 I first wrote this article as a tribute to my father and father-in-law. It is reprinted today – updated – due to the many requests and positive feedback that I have received.

Happy Father’s Day to all!

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RBC Canadian Open Preview

CameronBurechails2016 270The 110th playing of the Canadian Open will take place this weekend at Hamilton Golf & Country Club. This is the 5th time the club has hosted the tournament, the first one was back in 1919, a hundred years ago.

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The Seven Deadly Sins in Golf

CameronBurechails2016 270Playing great golf involves building a fundamentally sound, correct, and repetitive swing. Unfortunately, many golfers make the same mistakes round after round, and never realize that they are repeating incorrect swing moves.

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Lawn Bowling Returns For Another Season

meaford lawn bowling219 270What has been a part of Meaford for over 100 years, is green and is tucked away along the bank of the Bighead River near the harbour? Give up? The Meaford Lawn Bowling Club green and clubhouse.

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