Senior Men's Golf League Underway


The Meaford Senior Men's Golf League played their first game of the season on Tuesday, May 3. Conditions at the Meaford Golf and Country Club were excellent for early May. Even the weather co-operated with sunny skies and light breezes.

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Learning Patience in Golf

CameronBurechails2016 270Patience is a virtue that is important not only in life but also in the game of golf. Our world has become so fast-paced that we often expect everything right here, right now! People’s expectations are higher and our patience levels are lower in all aspects of our lives. Time seems to be everyone’s enemy. Everything we do has to be faster. Our food has to be fast, our communications immediate and even our holidays, when we take them, seem to be so active that we often need a holiday after our holiday.

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Finding Your Wheelhouse

CameronBurechails2016 270To be a top performer in any sport, you need to be physically fit, coordinated, and have the ability to “be in the zone”. Players on the PGA have all of these essential elements because they work very hard on both their physical as well as mental conditioning.

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Basic Swing Moves

CameronBurechails2016 270This week we are going to look at a number of basic swing moves that all golfers need to make to produce a good golf swing. We all have tendencies, some good and some bad. The key is to identify those swing tendencies that lead to bad shots and work on eliminating them from your swing.

There are five basic moves that most golfers need to make to produce great golf swings. They include maintaining good balance, setting the club correctly, achieving maximum coil, maintaining your spine angle through impact and swinging with good tempo.

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